Science        in a Snap


To demonstrate the company’s embodiment of innovation, from the scientists in the field to the Human Resources staff down the hall. The Dow Chemical Company took to Snapchat for a first-of-it’s-kind recruitment campaign to reach potential candidates in two key markets, shining the company in a new light.

Role: Lead Social Media Strategist & Media Planner

Snap Ads

Capturing the attention of worthy students, we produced and promoted explosive vertical videos of science experiments that swiped up to a mobile landing page where applicants could sign up for alerts on relevant job opportunities.

Tappable Experiments

Breaking down the full video of the science experiments into individual pieces, we helped connect the campaign to the physical world. Snapcodes at career fair booths let attendees tap along to Dow's Snap Stories, enticing followers to watch to the all the way to the end and ultimately apply.


Surrounding the venue critical recruiting events, we created two geofilters, one with fun branding and one meant to inspire digital and IRL action.